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Meet Tommy Rakes of Ideal Cabinets

Olympic gold medalist, Jesse Owens, once said. “We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” Jesse could have easily been talking about Ideal Cabinet’s newest team member, Designer & Sales Associate, and future manager of Lynchburg Operations, Tommy Rakes. 

Tommy loves to run in marathons. His favorite is the Marathon in Myrtle Beach that he does annually, and he is especially proud of participating in the New York Marathon in 2005. But Tommy’s determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort don’t stop on the track, he carries those traits over into his daily life. 


Tommy started his career by attending Patrick Henry Community College and receiving a degree in General Business. Tommy began his working career as a cabinet builder for a pioneer in the industry, his uncle Leo Scott.  From there, Tommy’s career path took him to work for Nationwide Homes.  At Nationwide, he worked his way up from Framing Carpenter, to Plant Supervisor, and then to Vice President of Operations.  During his career, Tommy has won many awards including the following:

·         Plant of the Year for ten years – while he served as plant manager at Nationwide

·         Quality MVP in 2007 at Palm Harbor Homes

·         Inducted into the Nationwide Homes Hall of Fame in 2012 for performance and service

·         Award for Excellence in Sales Support in 2016

Tommy has over forty years’ experience in the home and cabinetry business.  This experience is invaluable when it comes to designing the perfect cabinetry not just your kitchen, but any room in your home.  Ideal has big plans for Tommy.  In his short time here, he has already shown to be a great asset to our team, and we are looking forward to expanding our Lynchburg Market with Tommy at the helm.  When asked why he wanted to work for Ideal Cabinets, Tommy said “Because of their reputation as a great company that values quality for it’s customers and employees.”  It is those core values that has kept Ideal Cabinets in business for forty-eight years. 

As much as Tommy loves his work, and loves helping customers, his first love will always be his beautiful wife Katherine, and their two daughters, Kimya and Nikki, and those five adorable grandchildren.  One of Tommy’s favorite stories is the day he saw his daughter complete her first marathon in 90 plus degree temperatures. She persevered, telling him, “Dad, I am going to finish this !”  

As for Tommy, in 2017 he completed his third 100-mile race, at Umstead Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He ran and walked non-stop for twenty-six hours and twenty minutes to complete the 100 miles.  Now that is an “awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”  Jesse would be proud.  I know that all of us here at Ideal are proud to have Tommy on our team.



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