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Meet Jeff Mottesheard of Ideal Cabinets

We are fortunate to have many talented people working at Ideal Cabinets.  Among those talented people is our Christiansburg Shop Manager and Master Carpenter, Jeff Mottesheard.   Jeff has been with Ideal Cabinets for over 35 years.  Ideal Cabinets is the only place that Jeff has ever worked.  We are very proud of that fact.  We think it says a lot about the kind of company that we are, and always hope to be. Jeff started here as an apprentice one week after his high school graduation.  He worked under his uncle, who was working at Ideal as a carpenter then. ...
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Home for Good with Ideal Cabinets

On Thursday, June 4th, employees from Ideal Cabinets came together to sign the wall of a new home in Roanoke.  The first wall that would be raised on this home the next day.  This isn’t just any new home though, it is very special.  This is a Habitat for Humanity Home sponsored by WSLS Channel 10; JES Foundation Repair; Bower Heating & Air; Boxley; MRI Mountain Roofing; Prillaman Mechanical; Marvin, and Bank of Botetourt and of course, yours truly, Ideal Cabinets.  We are honored to join with these partners to build this home and work on a project that is...
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Easy-clean Convenience for Cambria

It’s always important to be clean and sanitary, but we have all recently been reminded exactly how important it is to take extra care to keep ourselves and our homes clean.  Our friend, Pam Pugh, from Marva, shared these great tips with us, and we thought they were too good to keep to ourselves. Your home is your sanctuary, keep it clean and healthy. Harsh and heavy-duty cleaners are unnecessary with Cambria. For cleanup with ease, all you need is soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. If you wish to take the extra step of disinfecting your surfaces, please...
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Classic Elegance

At Ideal Cabinet’s our designers stay in touch with the latest trends, colors, and designs so they can easily create the perfect space for you and the special people in your life.  In the coming weeks, we are going to be featuring some of the latest trends in design to help “inspire” you. Here is our first inspiration: Today’s Inspiration: A Classic Elegance! With trends taking us back to classic colors, warm palettes and neutral tones, CAMBRIA, a leading American manufacturer in kitchen and bath surface design, known for their innovative edgy movements, has reached to the other side. The...
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Custom Designed Cabinetry

What does it mean to have your cabinetry custom designed ?  What makes that feature different at a design studio like Ideal Cabinets Design Studio vs a box store ?  Often people who are new to the cabinetry market don’t understand what is available to them today, or why it is important to have your kitchen or bath custom designed for your family.  There are so many options available today in cabinetry that if you haven’t shopped cabinetry lately, you will be amazed at all of the new features.  These are not your grandma’s cabinets. There are tons of custom...
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