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Meet Connie Horne of Ideal Cabinets

Meet Connie Horne, the Office Manager of our Christiansburg Store.  She is the gentle welcoming voice that you will hear when walking into our Christiansburg showroom, or calling the store.  Connie is very friendly and outgoing, and loves greeting the customers.   She makes everyone who comes into the store feel at ease with her kindness and down-home charm.  She makes new customers feel welcome, and returning customers feel like they are visiting an old friend.  She gives the store a warmth and a feeling of home that makes people want to continue to come back to see us.  As Leo...
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Meet Allen Alliff of Ideal Cabinets

“ Be a Simple Kind of Man… be something you love and understand.”  Song lyrics from the classic southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Simple Man” , yet they ring true about life, and the song itself speaks’ volumes about the life of Ideal Cabinets’ Shop Assistant, Allen Aliff. Allen has been with Ideal Cabinets for almost two years now, working in our Christiansburg shop. Sometimes when he is needed, he lends a hand to our Salem Shop as well.  Allen is not hard to please, he gets along well with everyone, and is glad to help wherever he can. ...
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Meet Donna Carey of Ideal Cabinets

“Give me the heart of a servant, tender and faithful and true. Fill me with love, then use me, O Lord, so that the world can see you.”  (Michael Puryear) This quote is descriptive of Donna Carey, in our Charlottesville store. She is loving, giving, and always ready to lend a hand. Truly a servant’s heart!    Here’s a little background about her: Donna was born and raised in New York City and is the second eldest of seven. Raised by her fraternal grandparents, she was instilled with strong family values, education, a love of culture and history, creative and innovative...
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Meet Keith Horne of Ideal Cabinets

Meet, Keith Horne, General Manager of our Christiansburg store, and our New River Valley Operations.   Keith has been with Ideal Cabinets for over thirty years, and he still loves coming to work every day.  He loves what he does, and it shows. Keith was born in Tazewell county.  His Dad worked at the post office, but also worked as a carpenter building cabinets.  Keith grew up watching and learning carpentry skills from his dad, and his love for woodworking was born. Keith’s first job, before he was even out of high school, was working as a medical orderly.  He says...
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Meet Lara Lee Strickler of Ideal Cabinets

Meet Lara Lee Strickler, she is a Designer and Salesperson in our Roanoke showroom.  To put it simply, Lara Lee is the Vera Wang of Cabinetry Design.  She brings the Haute Couture Design to the Cabinetry business. What exactly is Haute Couture you may ask?  Wikipedia defines Haute couture as … fashion that is constructed by hand, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. We could transpose that definition to the cabinetry we sell, and the designs that Lara Lee creates.  We use beautiful cabinetry made from high quality...
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This Memorial Day – Earn It.

Memorial Day is the kick off of summer fun. It’s a great three-day weekend for all of us hard working Americans.  But it is so much more than that.  Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  They gave their lives. There will always be debate about war, and whether it was right or wrong to be involved in this place or that place, but you see none of that matters on Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is not about politics. It is about the soldier who put on a uniform to go wherever he or...
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Meet Laura Spencer of Ideal Cabinets

This week, I’d like to introduce you to …me.   Hi ! I’m Laura Spencer.  I’m the Controller/Accountant at Ideal Cabinets.  Before I tell you my life story, I think it is important to share with you my life’s verse.   “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 I grew up in Virginia on a small farm.  My grandma lived next door, so I could run across the field and see her anytime I wanted (which was a lot). I’m a...
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Meet Julia Fitch of Ideal Cabinets

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a person’s energy can tell you things about them before they even speak?  Julia Fitch has that type of energy. Sometimes I imagine she is going to turn into a little fairy like Tinkerbelle, and just fly away spreading magic and joy everywhere.  But then I wake up, and I realize she is just a really awesome person that I am fortunate to work with every day. So, who is this magical energetic person anyway?  Julia is a very talented designer and sales associate who works at our Roanoke Showroom.  Julia has been a...
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Meet Sarah Hodges of Ideal Cabinets

When you enter the Ideal Cabinets Showroom in Roanoke, Virginia, you will be greeted with a warm genuine smile, and beautiful blue eyes that dance with laughter.  Allow me to introduce you to our very own daily dose of sunshine, Sarah Hodges, the Office Manager of our Roanoke store.   William Thackeray once said that “A good laugh is sunshine in the house.”  Sarah’s sunny disposition and laughter gives Ideal Cabinets Roanoke showroom the feeling of home.  As Office Manager, Sarah is in the unique position of knowing how everyone else does their job, and how to best help each...
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Meet Greg Papenfus of Ideal Cabinets

Meet Greg Papenfus, General Manager of our Roanoke Valley Operations.  Greg is cabinet man in his soul.  He loves designing and selling residential and commercial cabinetry.  He began his journey in the cabinet business back in 1977 when he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Wood Products Engineering from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.   While Greg is from New York, he has been in Virginia so long that he talks like he’s a native.  After graduation in 1977, he came down to Virginia to visit for two weeks and never left. ...
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Move over Dual Fuel ranges!!

Excellence x 3 – The TriFuel™ Range This new TRI FUEL range offers the ultimate in cooking flexibility with gas burners, an electric skillet AND FOUR INDUCTION ZONES all in one beautiful package. Dual gas burners plus four induction zones and an electric griddle make up the cooktop, and two large gas ovens below complete this workhorse range.  The Designers at Ideal Cabinets would love to design cabinetry around this cutting edge range in your kitchen today!

1,000 Touches: Wood-Mode

What makes Wood-Mode unique is the people and the time-honored techniques they infuse in every detail throughout the cabinet’s journey from raw wood to polished furniture finish. Wood-Mode’s attention to detail in every step of the cabinetmaking process, from wood selection to finishing, is meticulous and provides the highest quality product at a fair price. All of Wood-Mode’s cabinetry is constructed at a single Pennsylvania facility, ensuring that all products are made by the same craftsmen and held to the same standards.

Southern Living Showcase Home

Ideal Cabinets Design Studio was very proud to be a part of the first ever Southern Living Showcase home in Virginia! All the cabinetry in the home (with the exception of the basement bar) was designed and furnished by Victoria Bombardieri of Ideal Cabinets (Charlottesville). The home was featured in Southern Living Magazine.