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Meet Ken Rakes of Ideal Cabinets

It’s the people that make the difference. How often have we heard that old adage? Well, it has never been truer said of anyone than of the founder of Ideal Cabinets, Ken Rakes. He made a difference fifty years ago when he founded Ideal Cabinets, and he is still making a difference every single day. If you had to summarize Ken in two words, it would be “Ken Cares.” Ken cares about his family. Ken cares about his business, and about the lives of his employees. Ken cares about his customers. He just cares about people. It is who he...
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Meet Dean Saltus of Ideal Cabinets

Meet Dean Saltus, the Assistant Manager of our Christiansburg store. Dean is a quiet, easy-going gentleman. There are a lot of ways to describe Dean, but perhaps Dennis Washington said it best with his famous quotation, “He’s like a quiet strength. He’s a strong man, when you get him, you get his best.”  Dean is originally from Connecticut, but moved to Virginia in his early twenties.  Because of working with his father, as a home builder and contractor, Dean centered his talent on technical drawing. Early in his career, he became well-skilled and was able to design and build his...
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Meet Connie Horne of Ideal Cabinets

Meet Connie Horne, the Office Manager of our Christiansburg Store.  She is the gentle welcoming voice that you will hear when walking into our Christiansburg showroom, or calling the store.  Connie is very friendly and outgoing, and loves greeting the customers.   She makes everyone who comes into the store feel at ease with her kindness and down-home charm.  She makes new customers feel welcome, and returning customers feel like they are visiting an old friend.  She gives the store a warmth and a feeling of home that makes people want to continue to come back to see us.    ...
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Meet Allen Aliff of Ideal Cabinets

“Be a Simple Kind of Man… be something you love and understand.”  Song lyrics from the classic southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Simple Man,” yet they ring true about life, and the song itself speaks’ volumes about the life of Ideal Cabinets’ Shop Assistant, Allen Aliff. Allen has been with Ideal Cabinets for almost two years now, working in our Christiansburg shop. Sometimes when he is needed, he lends a hand to our Salem Shop as well.  Allen is not hard to please, he gets along well with everyone, and is glad to help wherever he can.  Allen is...
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Meet Donna Carey of Ideal Cabinets

“Give me the heart of a servant, tender and faithful and true. Fill me with love, then use me, O Lord, so that the world can see you.”  (Michael Puryear) This quote is descriptive of Donna Carey, in our Charlottesville store. She is loving, giving, and always ready to lend a hand. Truly a servant’s heart!    Here’s a little background about her: Donna was born and raised in New York City and is the second eldest of seven. Raised by her fraternal grandparents, she was instilled with strong family values, education, a love of culture and history, creative and innovative...
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