All White Kitchens

I have been a fan of all white kitchens for years.  Over 40 years ago, before it was “fashionable” I painted my own oak cabinets white.  My friends were not encouraging, and would say things like “those are good solid oak cabinets why would you paint them?”  I would answer “they are still good solid oak cabinets, but they are prettier!”  I had white countertops and white appliances as well.  I was a visionary – and definitely ahead of my time. (wink)

Now, I don’t recommend that you try that approach today, especially with so many better options.  Are you a visionary too ? What is your vision?  Are you dreaming of a beautiful new white kitchen, but wondering if it would look good in your home?  At Ideal, we can show you so many beautiful shades of white that you will be amazed at the choices, and not just shades of white, but door styles, and so many other things that will make your kitchen unique – because it really is “in the details”.  And here’s the tip. Anyone can pull off an all-white kitchen, you just need to know how to dress them up.

My tip for an all-white kitchen is to add details that pop.   An interesting backsplash is a great way to take the boredom out of an all-white kitchen.  A custom range hood is also a great option.  It could be white with details and texture or maybe stained wood for the unexpected. Don’t be afraid to add color with a carpet runner on the floor or paint on the walls. I am not a good cook at all, but I love to have red, turquoise, or any color stand mixer sitting on the counter!  It looks so pretty! There are so many options to make your white kitchen pop. The best part is you get to choose what colors you want to express yourself and make your white kitchen your own special place to call home.

One last tip, never forget the hardware.  It is the jewelry for your cabinets, and you can always update the kitchen by changing the pulls and knobs. But we will talk more about that later.

If you need a new white kitchen, a remodel, or any type of custom designed cabinetry, Ideal Cabinets is the place that can make your cabinetry dreams come true.  Please call or visit one of our showrooms in Roanoke, Charlottesville, or Christiansburg today.