How Do I Choose Between Quartz and Granite Countertops?

choosing between quartz and granite countertops in all white kitchen design with stone countertop and white cabinetry

Whether designing a new home or redesigning an existing home, many clients question which countertops would best fit their needs between quartz and granite. This is understandable as they each offer distinct advantages and a vast variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. Both are beautiful additions to any room and made of natural materials. Many who have visited our Ideal Cabinets Design Studios to view our selection of countertops have been intrigued to learn they are often categorized by levels, which vary numerically. While it is often assumed this is determined by the durability of the stone, it has nothing to do with durability and everything to do with the pattern and availability.

With the popularity and debate over both quartz and granite countertops, let’s take a look at some of the differences and similarities between the two: We will start with granite. Granite is a very hard 100% natural stone. It is mined from quarries all over the world and cut down to a manageable size. Granite has unique veining patterns and no two granite pieces will ever be completely identical. Another characteristic that makes granite so popular is it is durable and highly heat resistant. Some homeowners find granite requires a bit more maintenance with the recommendation that it be resealed annually due to its porous nature.

A distinct difference in quartz is the fact it is not 100% natural. Quartz is engineered stone that is made up from 93% to 95% ground-up natural quartz that is bonded with durable resins. This allows the pattern and color to be easily controlled with fewer limitations. Like granite it is durable, yet it is also highly stain resistant. A trait that makes quartz appealing to many clients is its non-porous nature causes this countertop to be virtually maintenance free. One point to consider with quartz is while it is the lower maintenance choice, the resins can be damaged by high heat, unlike granite, whose properly sealed countertop will have no problem handling the heat in the kitchen. Of course, a hot pad can be a very easy solution for this.

As you can see both countertops offer plenty of desirable features. It simply boils down to a matter of preference and priorities for the homeowner. If you have scrolled through image after image of each product and cannot decide which best suits your needs, I highly recommend that you visit one of our Ideal Cabinet showrooms which offer plenty of samples to view and touch the products. Feel free to ask for Adriana if you are in the Christiansburg showroom, or if you are in one of our other Ideal showroom locations in Charlottesville or Roanoke, tell them Adriana sent you!