Meet Becky Ross of Ideal Cabinets

One of the more recent designers to join our Ideal Cabinets team, Becky Ross, may be new to Ideal, but she isn’t new to the love of design. She has loved creating and designing since she was a little girl. We asked Becky to tell us her story, and this is what she said:

I grew up in Greenbrier County West Virginia, and I graduated from West Virginia Institute of Technology. Both of my grandmothers were quilters, and I loved to sort through their fabrics, threads, and quilt designs. One of my grandfathers was a craftsman who had the best workshop. Going to visit my grandparents was a true adventure each time. One thing for sure, I always went home with threads or saw dust on my clothes, but I also went home happy.

I started painting, sewing, and wallpapering when I was very young. I give credit to my mother for allowing me to always ‘try out” the newest trend or rearrange my room or make curtains, bed skirts, etc. She took me to the library so I could check out” How To” books. Yes, this was a long time before YouTube & Pinterest! Eventually, I redid my childhood home from top to bottom, and it was my first masterpiece. My parents thought so anyway.

However, when I shared my plan to go to design school, my parents were not happy. Their words were “you need a real job.” They didn’t feel that I could survive financially with a degree in design and that was of utmost importance to them. I remember being upset, but… the next day I went to the dentist. There I met a new dental hygienist. I asked her about her degree, and she was so excited to share. So, I took her enthusiasm and applied for a spot in the Dental Hygiene department of WV tech. Three months later, I was accepted and that’s why my degree is in dental hygiene. I practiced for nineteen years and I liked the relationships I developed with our patients. Even though I enjoyed my job, my heart was still in design, so while working and having a family, I took correspondence classes in design. It took me years to finish, but when I did, I was so proud of my certificate of completion. I traded the dentistry world for design in 1998. I had my own business “Becky’s Windows and Walls”. Decorating and design became my REAL job. Many of my patients became clients.

My favorite design story entails an outdated condo. I previously worked as a designer for a company that handled all the details of a new build or renovation, flooring, paint, kitchens, baths, walls, everything pertaining to a building. One of our previous flooring representatives hired the company to redo his condo. So, I took one of our contractors and headed to Roanoke. At our first meeting, he stated that he basically just slept there. It was definitely a bachelor pad, shabby with no chic. He hadn’t realized how bad it looked until he thought about retirement, and being there more often. It was a total renovation, and through that process we started dating. The end result was even better than either of us could have ever imagined. We ended up getting married! I have told him that was the best investment he ever made! It was absolutely a win for me.

Working at Ideal has helped me live my lifelong passion. Ideal is truly a family business, not only because of the Rakes’ family’s heritage but because I feel I am a part of a large family with my colleagues. Each person has been instrumental in making my job experience exceptional. Ideal has a long history of putting the client first, and it is evident in every aspect of the business. I look forward to many years here, and feel very blessed that I am on the Ideal team.

Our Ideal Team loves Becky’s story, and we are thankful that she is part of our Ideal family. Becky is the type of person whose love for life and passion for what she does is contagious. She brings joy and laughter with her wherever she goes.

When Becky is not designing beautiful cabinetry for her Ideal customers, she is spending time with her family, or taking a quick trip to North Myrtle Beach. Becky says “One of the best parts about living in Roanoke is how close it is to North Myrtle Beach. We are on the beach just 5 hours from our home. It’s my favorite place to find peace and rest. It is my haven.”

If you are looking for a beautifully designed new space, look no further than Ideal Cabinets, our designers are not only talented, but they also love what they do, like Becky does, and it shows in their work. Becky still has the same excitement today for design that she did as a little girl at her grandma’s house. She puts her heart into everything she does, and works hard to please her customers. She wants every customer she works with to have the “Ideal experience” and share in her joy and excitement.