Meet Julia Fitch of Ideal Cabinets

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a person’s energy can tell you things about them before they even speak?  Julia Fitch has that type of energy. Sometimes I imagine she is going to turn into a little fairy like Tinkerbelle, and just fly away spreading magic and joy everywhere.  But then I wake up, and I realize she is just a really awesome person that I am fortunate to work with every day.

So, who is this magical energetic person anyway?  Julia is a very talented designer and sales associate who works at our Roanoke Showroom.  Julia has been a member of the Ideal team for over a year now, and we are so proud of her.  One of Julia’s nicknames is the “energizer bunny” because her boundless energy is infectious.  She is always on the go, and always busy.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who works harder than Julia does.  She is the first to lend a hand and help you with whatever task you are working on.  Whether it is putting together office equipment, fixing the copier, or selling a beautiful kitchen, Julia is the woman who can make it happen.

Julia has many years of experience in our industry. She started her career working in Sales and Purchasing at Rugby, then moved to working on Inside Sales at the Wurthwood Group.  She worked as a Project Manager and Estimator at Ideal Building Supply for ten years before joining the Ideal Cabinets Team in February of 2017.

When Julia is not working hard at Ideal Cabinets, she enjoys spending time with her family.  Julia is married with three beautiful children: Stephanie, Lauren, and Travis; and three amazing grandchildren: Campbell, Capri, and Jaren.   She enjoys planning outdoor activities for her family– from festivals to concerts– it doesn’t matter to her as long as they are together.  Spending time with them is very important to her, and it is obvious how very much she loves them.

Spending time with her church family also gives Julia joy.  She is very active in her church.  Julia learned from her mother at an early age that God needed to be an important part of your life. Julia’s mother was her hero, and she strives to be like her every day.

Julia enjoys living life to the fullest. She enjoys vacationing in Cherry Grove Beach and Gatlinburg Tennessee. She is a big sports fan, she loves the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs.  She is also a pet lover, and welcomes helping customers when they have a need for special items for their pets to make their custom kitchen complete.

Julia says her favorite thing about working at Ideal Cabinets is “the people I work with, and the customers. I am definitely a ‘people person’. That is why I love customer service, and why I have been involved in it my whole life.”

We love having Julia as part of our Ideal Cabinets Team because “she is the type of person that no matter where she goes, she adds value to the spaces and lives around her.” (author unknown).  We have no doubt that Julia’s mother is so very proud of her, just like we are.