Details Matter – Even the Kitchen Sink

This month’s tip is a reminder of the Ideal adage, “details matter.” Some people think that a sink is just a standard piece of hardware for your kitchen, and the only decision is one or two basins. Others think that the sink is a decorative piece to enhance the design. There are so many new developments with sinks that you will be amazed at not only your choices, but also at what your sink can do for you to ease the workload of your everyday life.
One example that is popular right now is a a Ruvati sink. If you haven’t seen this latest piece of kitchen hardware, you need to check it out. It has multiple pieces that fit into the sink and slide back and forth to make the prep work and the clean-up much easier. For example, there is a cutting board that fits in the sink, on the slides (not taking up counter space or slipping around if it gets wet). There is also a strainer. I find this perfect for peeling potatoes, and doing the work all in the sink, and leaving no mess on the counter. There are other features too, like a drying rack that fits in the sink on the slides, and many other variations depending on the size and style of the sink you choose. Other brands are also offering similar options.

We had one of our clients tell us, “We are so glad Lara Lee recommended the Ruvati sink; we love ours. It makes kitchen work so much easier.” If you are interested in learning more about the sink options available for your new kitchen, ask your Ideal designer during your appointment. Our trained staff of designers will recommend things you never thought of and make your new kitchen or bath better than you ever imagined. Ideal Cabinets goes the extra mile to make sure you can see the Ideal difference.