What Color is right for your decorating needs ?

The new year has started, and let’s think about your last family holiday meal or the party you hosted for all your friends.  How did your kitchen function and were you embarrassed by your cabinets?  Hmmmm, less than IDEAL?  Let’s talk about what color or finish you would like before you contact an Ideal designer.                                           

julia fitch beckner kitchen design blue kitchen island white cabinets

Cabinets take up so  much visible space so make sure the finishes are colors and/or wood tones that you love.  Don’t make that decision based on a picture of a beautiful blue kitchen, especially if you are not a blue person.  In my career I have found that usually people are either a blue person (like blue as a color) or a green person (no,not envious, but they like the color green).  I am a blue person, and love it paired with white.   I personally don’t think that white cabinets will ever be out of style, but I am seeing a trend toward a warmer shade of white or beige cabinets.  Not stark white.  Beige cabinets can be modern or transitional. Pair the beige cabinets with midtone or darker toned wood cabinets. So beautiful!!!  Such an organic and natural feeling for a kitchen.   The last thing I will mention is adding black or green cabinets in your kitchen.  Remember the design saying that “There should be at least one thing black in a room” ? Dark colors are moody and give a sense of richness.  I am not suggesting that the entire kitchen be dark toned, but it can add a tasteful compliment.    

So, think about these suggestions.  Are you afraid you won’t make the right choice?  No worries, your Ideal Cabinets kitchen designer will guide you to the right shade and/or tone for your space.  Ideal Cabinets has been in business for over 50 years, and we take pride in guiding our clients into making the Ideal decision for their needs.  

Whether you are in Roanoke, Charlottesville, or Christiansburg, Virginia, or the surrounding areas, Ideal Cabinets has a showroom near you; and a designer who would love to help you make custom design choices. Call and make an appointment with me (Becky) or one of our other designers today.